Mold Remediation

Providing the homeowner/business owner with the highest quality service to restore their property to its pre-loss condition as quickly as possible.

Do You Have Mold?

There are many different types of mold

Over the last ten years mold has become a national issue. There are many different types of mold. Not all mold is toxic or a health risk, however there are many types that are. Mold can be caused from many different sources such as leaking water pipes, moisture in walls and carpets and after a flood that is not dried and extracted properly. The different food sources, such as wood, drywall, carpet and amount of moisture can cause different types of mold such as black mold. Mold if not treated can cause a number of health problems related to the respiratory system.
At CRS we have experts trained in Mold Remediation. If you have mold in your home or business, call CRS today so we can come out and examine the problem and remedy the situation. The first step if you have mold is for CRS to figure out where the problem is that is creating the mold. You may have a small water leak that has gone unnoticed for awhile. CRS will find the source of the problem and correct that first. After the problem has been corrected, CRS will remediate the mold from your property.

CRS’s team of certified experts can perform the following services:
  • Air Quality Testing – Pre and Post
  • Identify the problem creating the mold and correct it
  • Remediate the mold
  • Hepa Vacuum the area
  • Provide reconstruction if necessary after the remediation
  • Create a safe work environment

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